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About Us

We do a little bit of everything out here; bees, gravel, cattle, all manner of crops including seed canola, seed alfalfa, wheat, quinoa, beans and more. But most important to us is our faith and our family. We have been doing this for quite a while and all we hope is that we can make this place a good enough place for the future generations.


Our History

First settled by Grandpa Albert Torrie back 100 years ago, it's grown and changed a lot since then. We now have the 6th generation helping out on the farm and we hope for 6 more.

Meet the Team


David and Tami Torrie

Farming for over 20 years, David and Tami are very experienced in innovating and pushing the boundaries of agriculture. You can usually find them somewhere near the grandbabies.


Tyler and Tausha Torrie

Tyler and Tausha are back from school and excited to join in the fun. They help lead out on the bee side of the business.


Hienrich Wiebe

Hienrich has been a part of Riverview Ranch since nearly the beginning, and is our main repairman and shop manager.


Luke Torrie

Luke is our main large equipment operator and all-around steady handyman. He is also our go-to for parts and deliveries.


Peter Wiebe

Peter is our main man when it comes to chemical application and running most of the equipment.


Jannus Nobres

Jannus was our first hire specifically to work with bees and pollination. We're happy to have his leadership and many other skills he brings to the team.


Joemarie Anila

Joemarie is a great addition to the farm. He not only brings with him a Class 1 drivers license, but is a crucial member of our bee crew.


Arnold Manalo

Arnold primary works with the bee crew, but also assists with many other projects all over the farm. He was instrumental in helping build our 2-story office in the shop.


Kyle Bullock

Kyle runs the office, managing the accounting, communications, HR, and various other things that are needed to keeps things running smoothly.

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