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Leaf Cutter Bee Pollination

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Why Leaf Cutter Bees?

Usually when people think bees, they think honey, but not at TNT. Leaf cutter bees have many special characteristics that make them perfect for pollinating canola and alfalfa. Get up close and personal with our bees in this very informative video we found! We think it's pretty cool!

Video Credit: Deep Look by KQED San Francisco and PBS Digital Studios

TNT Pollination: Video

New and Improved Structure Design

For better bee release. Smaller size allows farmers to spray over without lifting booms. Much easier for storage. Get in contact if interested in buying.

Coding and Tracking System

Allows us to track the bees both in the field and through the incubation process. Allows us more data then anyone else has gotten before.


Data Driven Analysis

Using the data we can visualize the data in meaningful ways and it tells us things about bee health, pesticide use, structure placement, and much more.

New Tray Design

Our new "Air Tray" is more durable and easier to work with then competitors' trays. Also removes the need for racks as they self-stack. Get in contact if interested in buying.


Block Corners

Newly designed nesting block corners, which are more durable and easier to work with than metal corners. Also can handle the bleaching process. Contact if interested in purchasing your own corners.

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